Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick tip on transfering files from your phone to your gnome-ill computer

So, I just hate when things that are supposed to work
right out of the box just doesn't..., Anyway, 4 steps
recipe to get this working under debian/sid:

1.- Install gnome-bluetooth and bluez-gnome: (as root) apt-get install gnome-bluetooth bluez-gnome
2.- Run bluetooth-applet if its not running already: bluetooth-applet
3.- Make your adapter discoverable and connectable: Right click on bluetooth-applet, then preferences, then choose 'Visible and connectable for other devices' under 'Mode of operation'.
4.- run gnome-obex-server from the console, an small icon should pop up on your pannel.

Now do what you need to do on your phone to select and send your files.

Not saying this is the right way to do it but what the hell, this should get you going.

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