Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adding XSUB support to GStreamer

So I have been working on adding XSUB support to GStreamer as a landing task at my new job. To be honest, I didn't expect it to go as easy. Don't get me wrong, I do know most subpicture encoding schemes are kind of trivial, what I expected to be hard was to work with the GStreamer's plugin API, which was a completely new monster for me. Long history short; with the help of several coworkers and some good documentation, I have patch ready to be tested. There are still a few things here and there that might benefit from some tweaking but overall the code does its job and its in dire need of some testing love :) Dunno how long it would take for it to land in -bad but for the time being you can follow current development here.

If you want to test the code you might consider using a pipeline along these lines:

gst-launch-0.10 -v --gst-debug=xsub:5 xsub name=overlay show-background=FALSE ! ffmpegcolorspace ! xvimagesink filesrc location=/somepath/small.divx ! avidemux name=d d.video_00 ! queue ! decodebin2 ! ffmpegcolorspace ! overlay.video_sink d.video_01 ! queue ! overlay.xsub_sink
I'd put some screenshots here but I have been unable to find samples I can share.

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hadess said...

Great stuff!

Would be awesome to have a way to embed subtitles in AVI using the XSUB format, so one doesn't need to use Windows applications in Wine to do that (as mentioned in the related bugzilla).