Friday, November 18, 2011

Giving a lecture at this year's expolibre

For those of you around Talca and wanting to talk FOSS, Youness Aloui, Thibault Saunier and your's truly are going to be speaking at this year's Expolibre thanks to the gentle support of our company and the organizer's invitation.

I was talking yesterday with a fellow coworker on how community events like the good old ones get shadowed under the massive, corporate backed ones you see in the tech news by the day. Sadly as it might sound to a few (at least --And I hope), we are slowly beginning to forget there are still some guys out there that resisting the thrust of being only motivated by what to sell next year and how to make it so it goes good and cheap at the same time (like if it was possible, someway), still gather to share views, knowledge and maybe-naive-but-still-valid desires of steer collaborative innovation a bit away from the dreaded coin-only focus. We need to take an step back sometimes and think about some important things we forget on the rush of our everyday paid developer's life; there's a community that saw us shooting at the stars once and has continued backing up most of the technology we rely on. Supplying not only that but: tools, a beyond-technical environment and a reason for trying not only to do things right but do good while we are at it. Attending this kind of events is my way of taking that needed step back and I couldn't be more happier about working for a company that not only allows me to but go as far as directly supporting the event with the time of its devs.

So, if you find yourself wandering around Talca (VII Region, Chile. Some 3 hours away from Santiago) by the 24/12/2011 and wanna go do some knowledge sharing and hear and talk about FOSS without having to pay a penny, then go there. I have been giving speaks at this conference for the last 3 years and one thing I can guarantee you is that it's worth the time you will spend.

Thibault Saunier will be talking about video editing with PiTiVi, Youness Aloui will be talking about FOSS and the fights some users have to go through to make sure their rights don't get crippled by merely buying a product and I'm going to be sharing the goods of GStreamer through a gently introduction for beginners. Don't worry about not having an strong software developent background because our talks are geared towards anyone that doesn't run away from a mouse.

C you there!

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